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Artisan Spotlight: All Roads Design

All Roads Design consists of artisan duo Robert Dougherty and Janelle Pietrzak. Janelle first met Robert when she apprenticed for him at a motorcycle repair shop. It was only natural that their projects outside of the garage would be the best of both worlds. Robert was a jack of all trades, from welding to carpentry, […]

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Patch Up Your TOMS

  With a full time job and freelancing on side, free time comes very far and few. I think that’s why I cherish my Sundays so much! I always spend one full day out of the week doing exactly what I want to do and today that’s playing on my sewing machine and yes of […]

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Joy to the World

I admit, I haven’t got into making wreaths yet nor do I have a tree. Mainly because I’m flying home for Christmas, and theres limited storage space for seasonal decor (clothes are stacked like tetris in every closet) My kind of Christmas decor is the kind you can leave up all year such as these […]

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DIY: Chalkboard Party Setting

Using chalkboard paint is such a fun way to add to a table setting. I really like the idea of these mugs that each person can personalize! I can’t tell you how often I “lose” my drink and accidentally pick up someone else’s. This cheese & wine  placemat and table runner is so clever. Perfect […]

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DIY: Christmas Card Inspirations

I look back at some of my family Christmas cards lesbian videos that we did in the past and can’t help but chuckle. I remember having to pose in front of a fake backdrop that included a tree, and all of us wearing matching colors. Oh so corny but gotta love it! I scouted the web for some […]

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Allie’s Bridal Shower

Had an amazing day spent today at my “showmate’s” shower today. Me and Aaron met her and Sean on my 23rd birthday at a Bassnectar concert, we realized we had a love for music and festivals in common. We exchanged numbers and have attended many shows hand in hand since then! So when she asked […]

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DIY: It’s a wrap!

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! I’m glad to be back on here after a week long of being unplugged. It was a good break spent with family and of course lots of food! I came across these simple DIY wrapping paper and thought it was perfect for Christmas. Wrapping Paper  1: METALLIC MARKERS […]

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This year I’m motivated to make everyone’s gifts. I hunted down my favorite tutorials so you can too! Anything that I would like to receive myself is always funner to make. I’m always so touched when someone makes me something, the thought goes a long way with me. I’m not much of a planner but […]

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RE:purpose & RE:use

Here are some fun ideas for those hand-me down furniture, salvation army finds, habitat for humanity Re-store pieces, garage sale rendezvous, and for  that guilty Craigslist habit. Fore those nude celebrities like me, its a constant battle of finding space for more things. So I’ve learned to re-use, and re-sell, yes these pieces are meant to travel, […]

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Happy Halloween =) Celebrated over the weekend & had a blast with friends. Unfortunately the venue wouldn’t let me wear my antlers in due to “safety precautions” Oh well it was fun to make and surely I can find another occasion to wear these out! Choose your antlers wisely, keep in mind the bigger ones are quite heavy and […]

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