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Happy Halloween =) Celebrated over the weekend & had a blast with friends. Unfortunately the venue wouldn’t let me wear my antlers in due to “safety precautions” Oh well it was fun to make and surely I can find another occasion to wear these out! Choose your antlers wisely, keep in mind the bigger ones are quite heavy and […]

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On my devine lazy sunday wish list are these slumber poufs, designed by polish designer Aleksandra Gaca. They remind me of an upgraded, design savvy, and much more comfortable version of bean bags. They are made from highly flexible 3 dimensional fabric which allows it to form around your body and needless to say super […]

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I love minimalism inside homes where decor is stripped to the fundamentals of a room. Similar to negative space in art & design, it really builds emphasis on particular details. I particularly like pops of color in minimalist interiors, it gives it a nice element of spontaneity and keeps it from seeming under decorated. neon lights, neon […]

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Etsy’s infinite pick of handmade items & vintage goods can keep me occupied all night. Here’s a few of my fun finds from t milf porn onight, but it’s time for some beauty sleep. Good night and see you tomorrow! Clock, necklace, bins, typewriter, clutch, bracelet, iphone case, print, pillow Share on Facebook

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1: unsourced via: pinterest 2:Anthropologie 3:ohJoy! 5:the Selby 6:Louise Body Share on Facebook

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Pillow pattern & storage bucket tutorial shared  by b.a.h. magazine makes me want to pull out my dusty sewing machine to create these simple & practical projects. Time spent on a project that promotes rest or organization  is time well spent in my book! Share on Facebook

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It’s Sunday Funday and what’s funner than cocktail parties? Great friends make great parties, make invites personal with these DIY Invites,  and spice up cocktails by mixing up a vanilla pear cocktail. Let your little black dress rest and pull out  that brightly hued dress. Its the little things that add character to a setting […]

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So they DO still make them like they lesbian videos used to! I’m really drawn to the color palettes and silhouettes of 70’s interiors. Their bold patterns found in kitchenware as well as wallpaper. What’s not to love? Furniture via: Retro Modern Design Share on Facebook

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I love celebrity nude Scott Albrecht’s work, not only is it eye candy for your home but mood boosting as well! I’m a quotation junkie so his art is the perfect everyday reminder that I need to hear. They say happiness is accessed through your subconscious, so surrounding yourself with positive thoughts, happy tunes & happy people taps […]

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They say the higher the heel the bigger the deal, but these amazing flats definitely challenge that saying. Stylish and comfortable they’re perfect for a hectic work day  or running errands. Comfort shouldn’t compromise style, it should compliment it.   1.Kate Spade 2. Anthropologie 3. Dolce Vita Wink 4. Asos 5. Asos 6. lesbian porn Missoni 7. Madewell […]

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