On the Road Moments

At the beginning of the year is always such a beautiful time for reflection. Organizing photos for our “Visual Journey” , I found myself knee deep in nostalgia over the past year. Exploring dusty roads, swimming with jellyfishes, visiting our homelands together, and sleeping under the stars to wake up to a new horizon are some of my favorite snippets of 2013.

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“If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither”

“If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither”

Hello everyone! This proverb affirms many reasons why I have decided to narrow my focus on New Crop. As we enter the winter solstice and into the new year, my intentions are prioritizing the shop, blog, and travels that go along with it. It’s been quite a juggle but a rewarding one. I’m  sad to see eyeponder blog be put on pause but I couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come next. I hope you guys follow our journey into New Crop, you make the ride that much funner!

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Tribal Textiles

It has been incredibly rewarding sharing the beauty of artisans work while supporting them in preserving remnants of their culture. After I opened the New Crop Shop, I realized how intimidating it is to put yourself out there. I can only imagine if these were made by my own hands and I had spent weeks on just one large textile, how personal and passionate I would be about each and every piece. The best part about visiting these artisans every few days is to see their excitement when they present to me a new creation, a new color combo, or a new pattern they decided to try. I realized how amazing it is for them to still keep their independence when it comes to their artwork. Many creatives find themselves working for a company at least once in their lives, and are dictated in how their art should look, or the color guidelines to follow which later leads to feeling choked creatively. Even when it comes to graphic designers who work in-house, find their release and exploration of creativity through their personal projects. So I’m excited to place these personal projects of artisans, in their own vision on the shop. I absolutely back creative independence and excited to see how their designs, colors, and patterns evolve or preserve through their work.

These specific textiles were created by artisans in the Hmong tribe. Best known for their culture, craftsmanship and a vision for patterns passed down from one generation to the next. Their dying techniques and hand stitched patterns are long and meticulous processes which can take weeks up to months, but well worth the end result!

Find these tribal textiles in New Crop Shop



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New Crop Shop is Open!

I’m excited to say that we’ve finally launched the New Crop Shop! I know, I know, we took a lot of detours along the way,  but happy to say that the detours have connected us with some amazing artisans and the magic they make with their hands. Check it out here! NewCropShop.com

We hope you treasure these items as much as we do, and hear the stories they have to tell. We’re still currently in transit and orders will be mailed from Thailand. So order early in time for Christmas, so these items can make the voyage to your doorstep in time.

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Thanksgiving Table Cards: Grateful for You


As chaotic as Thanksgiving can be for many of us, you can’t help but smile as you’re gathered around the table counting your blessings. What a beautiful celebration to spend time with family and friends over  talks of “remember whens”  and tightening belt lines. This year, I had the pleasure of collaborating with one of my best friends Maureen Stevens as she shared these lovely table settings and her Thanksgiving table tips on YNN Austin. I created a simple table card print-out where table guests take part in writing in why they are grateful  for the persons on either sides of them. If only I could sit beside Maureen this Thanksgiving, and share my infinite amount of gratitude to call her my friend friend and creative partner. If you haven’t had a chance to hop over to Maureenstevens.com to see her stylish aesthetic that oozes from her blog, to her clients home please do, it will rub off on you. ;)

**Download high res PDF of table cards (prints 4 to a page)

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Tribal Textiles

As I’m stocking up for the shop, I have been receiving pre-orders for traditional ethnic textiles hand stitched and hand-dyed by surrounding tribes as a source of sustaining their culture. I have fallen in love with these magical forms of art translated into vibrant fabrics. These textiles connect us with disappearing cultures in the developing world as fast as old-growth forests. Fabrics of the Indigenous people are silent storytellers of traditions, and art. I’m attached to each piece I send off boundaries away, and happy to know they are to be appreciated for their aesthetic significance. If you are interested in pre-ordering tribal textiles please email me at info@newcropshop.com.

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Kaftans on a Cambodian Rooftop

Happy Halloween everyone! I admit, I do miss toasting pumpkin ales, roasting pumpkin seeds, and having an excuse to bust out in costume with friends. However I am very grateful to experience something as beautiful and eye opening as our couple weeks spent in Cambodia. They recently just started welcoming tourists into Cambodia these past decade or so after their suffering through the Khmer Rouge. Still the struggle remains in this poverty stricken country as they battle porno gay corruption in their government.

Understanding this, we were more aware of the darkness found in their past which showed through their music and artwork. If you ask the locals they will share their stories of death, starvation, and survival. When visiting galleries during our time in Battambang, we noticed the essence of darkness expressed in the majority of the artwork that I, as an outsider can never fully comprehend.

**Walking through the alleyways of nude celebrities Battambang I was in awe to see the French architecture still remained here. I also noticed many women on their sewing machines on the bottom floor of their house which opened to the outside like garage doors. The vibrancy of fabrics I felt represented the Cambodian spirit. Through a dark past, the survivors, and those to follow express their hope through their smile, willingness to reach out, enthusiasm to work, and in their craftsmanship. I especially was drawn to these colorful kaftans with playful patterns which danced in the wind. We brought them to the rooftop of our hostel and let the sun and wind bring the kaftans to life. **

These will soon be available in the shop. If you’re interested to see what we’ve been up to lately check out the blog for New Crop. We’ve enjoyed the legwork we’ve had to put in for this shop, we really want it to display something special we discover in each place we visit.

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Artist Spotlight: Alexandra Valenti

Such beautiful and lesbian porn inspiring imagery in Alexandra Velenti’s painted photographs. I never met a water color painting I didn’t like, and this one is no exception. Spontaniously combined with incredible photography, her work stole my heart forever more. See more of her art candy here! alexandravalenti.com

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Artisan Spotlight: All Roads Design







All Roads Design consists of artisan duo Robert Dougherty and Janelle Pietrzak. Janelle first met Robert when she apprenticed for him at a motorcycle repair shop. It was only natural that their projects outside of the garage would be the best of both worlds. Robert was a jack of all trades, from welding to carpentry, and Janelle was well seasoned in fabric sourcing for the apparel industry including retailers such as Anthropology. Today their work is curated by numerous specialty stores that see the uniqueness and beauty in all of their dream weavings. I’m specially gravitated towards the mix of texture and the abstract patterns in each design. Their designs epitomize everything I love about artisan pieces; artist expressions translated by their hands.

Image source

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Baan Tawai: Wood Carving Village Chiang Mai

It’s been quite a rainy season here in Thailand but we’re finally settled in our home here Chiang Mai. We plan to stay posted here for the next few months, soak in Thai culture, explore arts and handicrafts of locals, and eat Thai food– lots of it! Yesterday we visited Baan Tawai, a wood carving village here in Chiang Mai and was in awe of all the intricate larger than life wood carvings! The whole street was filled with wood shops, art spaces filled with their own carvings and/or collections of antiques and art. They do close quite early so we will definitely have to come back in the morning and spend a whole day here. Everything I saw sparked my imagination of what my dream home would have one day. Including cartoon porn video these beautiful hand-carved and hand-painted doors.

All photos hot milfs taken by my iphone.


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